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Tell me something

When you become a fan of a Facebook site, you choose to be updated on an organization, or effort as a part of your online social life.

So where are the updates?

Of the 30 or so pages I’m a fan of, 3 provide consistent, relevant content about who they are, what they’re up to, and what I can do to participate further. Minus these updates, I couldn’t tell you what I’ve joined, how I joined, or why I joined.

Social media tools require the same discipline as any other media.

If you’re not seeing a return, ask yourself if you’ve tried to get one. 

Give this article a read before you go any farther with your social media efforts.


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Content is (still) King

A number of years ago, Martin Nisenholtz, current senior vice president, digital operations for The New York Times Company, said in a speech to aspiring Journalist at Penn State that content would never be king as it related to online media. 

While I haven’t confirmed, I would guess that his perspective may have changed.

Relevant content has never been more prevalent and the inmates are running the asylum.

Facebook, twitter, blogger, plinky, RSS, and other outlets and tools have made content – information – the dominant force in our Internet life, with us at the center feeding our friends and contacts with everything from what we’re doing right now, to our 5 favorite albums of all-time.

Getting ahead of information is vital. It’s important for small business to take notice and be aware of what is being said, where it’s being said, and who’s saying it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Content is king, and social media has made it sticky, in more ways than one.

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