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Content, Meet Community – 3 LOFTy Lessons in Social Media

Why are our Community Managers involved in every step of the content development process? Why do they participate in brainstorming campaign ideas and check in daily with insights and information about their brands? Why are they required to use data to back up their feelings and not rely solely on instincts? Because we never want our clients to get into situations like this:

Lesson #1: When you ask someone what they think, they’re going to tell you. 

The comments on the picture started rolling in immediately and the bulk of them were negative. The fans focused on their distaste for the dress but were quite polite and complimentary about the women pictured. Now while you can never completely predict how people will respond to content, a strong Community Manager should have a good feel for their community and be able to anticipate potential responses, and plan accordingly for them. 

That’s why I was so surprised by the brand’s response:

Lesson #2: Respond appropriately to situations and anticipate how your comments will be perceived by the community and audience at large.

Now this could have been an attempt to redirect the conversation and get people to say nice things about the dress…but it didn’t work. Some of the fans got upset that LOFT assumed they were being unkind to the women pictured and responded to the brand, and some fans began discussing how “rude” others were being. Fans then began to move from expressing their distaste for the dress, to expressing their distaste for the brand.

One comment turned members of their community against each other and unleashed a firestorm of negativity towards the brand.

Lesson #3: Every experience comes with opportunities.

So what could LOFT have done to truly redirect the conversation and create a win for their brand?

Here’s one idea: Give Facebook fans a coupon specifically for that dress and ask them to upload a picture of themselves in it – let them style it, DIY it, mod it up. The fans can vote on whose take they like the best and the top 3 would get a chance to meet with the LOFT design team and be a part of the creative process. The winners can report back and the experience can be turned into a video where the fans highlight all of the great styles the team’s coming up with. Win back some positive sentiment, get the fans personally involved in the brand, give them a reason to believe in the future of the brand and remind people how much LOFT values them.

Community Managed.

When she’s not working as a marketing manager for Make Me Social, Mandi Frishman enjoys analyzing brand pages on social media (seriously). During her time studying at The University of Florida, Mandi became convinced in the power of learning through play. She has since committed herself to playing (and learning) all day, every day.


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A Digital Thank You

Everyone at Make Me Social is very connected to the cause of rescuing animals. If you follow our Facebook Page, you’ve probably seen photos of fat bellied puppies and big eyed kittens taken during our time volunteering at the St. Johns County Pet Center. While there we spend time socializing the dogs and cats, whether by walking them or just letting them fall asleep safe in the comfort of our arms. We get as much as we give, and I have the Pet Center to thank for my wonderful kitten, Montez.

This blog is a bit different in that it isn’t about volunteering or social media or marketing…it’s about taking the time to say thank you to Make Me Social and Coastal Veterinary Hospital.

It all started last week. I had driven into Tampa that morning for a meeting and after picking up a delightfully refreshing slurpee from 7-11, I got back on the road and headed towards Jacksonville. The drive was pretty uneventful and I entertained myself by reading signs on the back roads. My favorite: “Used Homes 4 Sale.”

As I turned down a road surrounded on both sides by what looked like dense woods, it started to rain. The windshield wipers went on and I slowed down the car. It was then that I noticed a thin black dog trotting down the opposite side of the road, heading towards me. I pulled over and the dog crossed the road and approached my car. A dog enthusiast to the core, I keep a leash and collar in my car at all times, which made the next step much easier. I grabbed my dog wranglin’ gear and got out of the car.  High heels and all, I was ready to rescue.

The dog didn’t respond to commands and wasn’t wearing a collar. In the interest of getting her out of the road and avoiding a “dart and dash” situation, I quickly leashed her and got her into my backseat. When I lifted her I was shocked by how light she was. A quick look at her told me that she was in bad shape. I called the vet and made her an appointment, and then let Josh (el presidente) know that my trip back had been delayed by a hitchhiker.

Imagine making that phone call at most places of business: “Sorry boss, I’m not going to make it back in today because I picked up a dog and felt compelled to get her some medical attention.” I can’t remember what Josh said exactly but it was something like, “You would. Let me know if you need anything.”

In need of some TLC.

The dog didn’t make any noise during the drive to the vet and seemed torn between sleeping and trying to remain aware of her surroundings. When we got to the vet’s office, the wonderful team at Coastal Veterinary Hospital did a fantastic job making the dog feel comfortable. They sat with her and painstakingly pulled out the ticks that covered her body. They gave her food and checked her vitals. They scanned for a microchip (no dice) and gave her the love and attention that she deserved. When Dr. Bissell saw her and heard her story, he assured me that she would find a loving home. They watched her, fed her and cared for her until she could be placed at the shelter. She is now waiting to find her furever home. If you are interested in adopting her, email, and I’ll get you her information!

So thank you to Josh, and everyone at Make Me Social who shared her story and asked for updates. Thank you to Coastal Veterinary Hospital and Doggie Daycare, who went above and beyond for one special little dog. And thank you to everyone at the meeting in Tampa that started it all!

When she’s not working as a marketing manager for Make Me Social, Mandi Frishman enjoys watching her kitten and dog snuggle and try to eat each other’s faces. During her time studying at The University of Florida, Mandi became convinced in the power of learning through play. She has since committed herself to playing (and learning) all day, every day.



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