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The Business of Blogging

Raymond Leon Roker, co-founder and publisher of URB, published a free blog on the Huffington Post on why he blogs for free.

Found here, his basic premise is that he uses the platform (and its built in market) to broadcast his thoughts in order to get wide spread notoriety, in hopes that a sample of people will agree with what he says, visit his sight and spend money because of these common beliefs.

It was a fascinating essay which presents a case study on how the blogging medium has evolved. However, a key detail that was left out of his commentary was the key steps involved in presenting a persuasive and captivating opinion.

Putting out an idea defines you, but too often people believe the only mandates for a successful blog is a QWERTY keyboard, a wireless connection and 20 minutes. This may have worked in the past, but if the craft of blogging is to become more legitimate, key elements such as research and thought have to become standard. Blogs like Mr. Roker’s and – dare I say – MakeMeSocial’s have the ability to work towards a lucrative end goal, but only because the opinions are created, defined, supported and communicated in an intriguing way.

Increasing your public persona through blogging is effective, but only if you view it as an investment. Remember that it is only a waste of time if you treat it that way. If you visualize it as an investment, then the sky can be the limit.


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