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A "reblog"

Has everything been said that needs to be regarding Social Media? Here’s a few quotes that make the case (by no means a wide, deep, or time consuming study).

From: Key Quotes on New Marketing and Social Media

by Ari Herzog on October 18, 2008,

“Think like a publisher, not a marketer.” – David Meerman Scott

“New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.” – Ben Grossman, founder and chief strategist for BiGMarK

“By creating compelling content, you can become a celebrity.” – Paul Gillin

“It’s quite scary for people to talk publicly about the things they are doing.” – Jamie Pappas

From: Quotes on Social Media and New Marketing
Posted by Gino Cosme
February 3, 2009

“I came across the following quotes on Ari Herzog’s blog and thought I’d share some of them with you. There’s some great insight and advice here…”



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How to use social networking sites

Every social networking site has the option:

On Facebook, it looks like this:

On LinkedIn it looks like this:

Lets face it, connecting to people that you wouldn’t be able to meet in the 3D world is the exact reason these sites exist. But are these tools really utilized to their fullest potential?

Not sure? Well, how would you answer the following question. How often have you received a business inquiry … scratch that … a legitimate business inquiry through a social networking site from a “friend of a friend”? How often have you sent out a business inquiry of your own to a “friend of a friend”?

MakeMeSocial is aiming to remove the stigma associated with this problem by creating a step-by-step process for linking colleagues or reaching out to “2nd degree” friends for business purposes. Throughout the summer, we will be releasing results from our survey of professionals spanning industry sectors, but all of whom use popular social networking tools on a daily basis.

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Facebook produces leads

Proof of concept:

People want to talk to you in the medium to which they are accustomed. 

A good friend and client just scored a significant lead through Facebook.

Go where the people are, stop trying to drag them to you.

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