Three Simple Solutions to Integrate Social Media and Direct Marketing Efforts

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to the Baltimore Postal Customer Council, a mix of Printers, Direct Mailers and USPS employees with one thing in common: strong traditional direct marketing backgrounds. Many of them were surprised to hear that they were perfectly positioned to integrate social media into their marketing mix. Often the perception is that you need to be at SXSW each year or working for a big brand to see big results from social media. I’ve seen social media work for businesses of all sizes, when the business looks at social as a complement to existing ongoing efforts.

I focused the discussion on identifying scalable solutions and building processes for implementation and integration. The single topic that garnered the greatest interest was integrating social media with direct mail, so I thought I would list three easy solutions that should never be overlooked:

  1. Don’t let opportunity pass you by! On every piece of print—whether it is to be used as a direct mail piece or collateral at a trade show – incorporate your social media icons.  This is also true for business cards, letterhead and even job applications!
  2. Integration works both ways:  As you mention your social channels on your printed components, so should you be talking about your DM campaign in social media.  Use social to alert your followers to a direct mail campaign they will be receiving soon.
  3. Complement one another:  Whether you are sending out a direct mail campaign or speaking at a trade show, the topics being covered offline should also be covered online, on your social channels. Use social media to keep the conversation going.

A senior industry leader with 20+ years combined Marketing and Business Development experience at leading digital and direct marketing firms, and formidable record of driving significant financial gains for multiple clients, Meg works directly with the Make Me Social Agency account team, managing client relationships and overseeing accounts. Prior to joining Make Me Social Meg was an integral part of a family mailing and addressing company.



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2 responses to “Three Simple Solutions to Integrate Social Media and Direct Marketing Efforts

  1. exactly what i have been trying to do, thanks for the article

  2. Glad that you found it helpful, thanks for the feedback!

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