Filters Are Not Just For Coffee

Are the only filters at your company for the coffee pot?

As any Pinteresting person knows, filters are not just for coffee. (Exhibits A – Z.) Filters are a necessary part of most people’s days. You filter yourself in business settings and when you’re around children. You may avoid certain subjects (see: politics, religion) and choose your words more carefully. While it’s become second nature for people in face to face interactions, many people have yet to apply real world communications best practices to online social networks.

There’s a lot made public that shouldn’t be. Whether it’s someone complaining about a client or talking about an internal initiative that was never meant to be released publicly, information is leaking out that could harm your brand. If you aren’t convinced, read this article about how a single comment from a Grooveshark employee led to an investigation that ended with Grooveshark being sued for over $17 billion.

The responsibility sits within the organization to set expectations and show employees and company representatives how to filter themselves on social media.

When she’s not working as a marketing manager for Make Me Social, Mandi Frishman enjoys finding new uses for yarn on Pinterest. During her time studying at The University of Florida, Mandi became convinced in the power of learning through play. She has since committed herself to playing (and learning) all day, every day.


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