Occupy Wallstreet Should Occupy A Leadership Role (And So Should Your Brand)

Lead your audience, or become occupied.

Maybe it’s shortsighted on my part, or maybe I’m trying to get a little search traffic from a notion that is making headlines, but I’d rather lead than occupy.

What if we switched from Occupying Wallstreet to Leading Wallstreet?

It looks like this guy is trying to lead, but no one seems to be responding with action:

How cool would it be if the picture looked like this:

Notice anything different?

Now let’s apply this lesson to your brand’s Facebook Page.

Switch from “Occupy Your Fan Page” to “Lead Your Fan Page.”

…what could that look like?

A clear mission to impact behavior? Red Bull‘s got it.

A brand getting you to share your emotions? Skittles has it covered.

Dedicating yourself to change in partnership with a brand? You must be talking about Sony.

These pages use clear leadership to turn ideas into actions.

If your social change (or presence) isn’t hitting the mark, maybe it’s time to lead rather than occupy the social landscape.


Josh Jordan is the president and founder of Make Me Social, a marketing agency that combines traditionaland new strategies to enhance an organization’s online presence and importance. Having held leadership positions with several Fortune 500 firms in industries including marketing, advertising, technology and media, Josh has developed new tactics and processes for improving outreach, sharing information and demonstrating subject matter expertise. As a difference-maker in a constantly evolving industry, he has combined the components of his background to create a communications philosophy that can assist non-profit and for-profit clients develop campaigns that deliver measurable results.


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