Social Media Etiquette: What’s Better than Elevator Music? Elevator Gossip!

by Gerrilyn Koontz
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In the past few weeks, what seems to be the latest fad are elevator-themed Twitter accounts. Just as it sounds, these accounts are sharing snippets of conversations shared inside company elevators.

First, it was @CondeElevator which has, since August 11, stopped Tweeting. Making headlines more recently, is @GSElevator, run by a Goldman Sachs employee.

Here is a brief look at some of @GSElevator’s latest Tweets

For obvious reasons, Goldman Sachs wants this Twitter account terminated and has been aggressively pursuing the issue.While the GS employee says they created the account for amusement during the summer lull, he or she has gone to great trouble (like using an unregistered laptop that was paid for with cash) to keep their identity a mystery.

Where does Social Media Etiquette tie in to this? From my list of 15 Tips, I think this would fall under #15: Post wisely, post well.

Whoever is running the account has hopefully realized by now that if (and when) their identity is revealed, they will most likely lose their job. What may have started out as summer fun and games, as quickly snowballed into a much bigger situation.

What do you think about the mysterious @GSElevator account? How would you handle the situation if you were Goldman Sachs?


Gerrilyn Koontz became a full time content manager for Make Me Social after graduating from Penn State in 2009. Originally from Birmingham, AL, she is happy to be back in the South living in Anderson, SC with her husband Erick and their cat Reid.


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