Social Media Etiquette: Here’s A Definite No-No

There are so many social behaviors that can easily be associated with the phrase ‘good etiquette’: arriving on time, writing thank you notes, and men opening doors for women. (ok, that last one might be a lost art, but you get the idea).

What you probably haven’t thought about (as much) is the idea of Social Media Etiquette.  As online conversation and interaction become more & more a part of everyday life, it is important to think about the impact our words can have. Let’s start off easy by identifying a “Definite No-No”.

In March 2011, someone with access to the @ChryslerAutos Twitter account dropped the f-bomb when they tweeted: “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f***ing drive”.

Chrysler quickly took down the tweet and posted an apology saying that their account had been compromised. At the time, the account had 7,500 followers. Today (less than 2 months later), it has 10,000 followers. From the numbers, it looks like this could have been a publicity stunt (although unlikely). Let’s hope for social media etiquette’s sake, it wasn’t.

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What’s the takeaway? If you have access to someone else’s account information, whether that be a friend, the charity you volunteer for, or a Fortune 500 company, double check before you make a tweet! (and especially before you tweet about #gettingslizzard)


Gerrilyn Koontz became a full time content manager for Make Me Social after graduating from Penn State in 2009. Originally from Birmingham, AL, she is happy to be back in the South living in Anderson, SC with her husband Erick and their cat Reid. 


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