The Social Media Conundrum: What is a “Twittership”?

No, not “Tweetership”, I said “Twittership”. Now, I know most of you are probably thinking this is some cool new dating service, or possibly one of our best on the Atlantis, well sorry to crush your dreams all you hopeful lovers! Actually, this word really doesn’t exist in a formal sense.

This message is intended for all you soon to be college students (and parents, too). It’s not time to go back to school quite yet, but as some of you are sitting at home this summer or working endless hours at the mall (or working endless hours on your social networking) looking for ways to pay for your college education, I have come across several “Twitterships”, (a real scholarship and all you have to do is use Twitter).

Can you come up with 140-character tweets? If so, you may be able to help cover some or all of your college tuition. For example:

  • The University of Iowa is offering a full $37,000 scholarship to the MBA program as part of the application process for the person with the best 140-charcter tweet by July 28th.
  • is running a “Short & Tweet” campaign worth $1,000 to the winner by July 31st.
  • gave out an award for $1,400 for the best tweet highlighting how to use Twitter to improve the world.
  • In November 2010, KFC and the Colonel gave out a $20,000 scholarship for tweeting why you deserve a scholarship.

So what’s the conundrum? Show me the money? Not really. The question I really wanted to address is get to the point! Electronic and social media communication is about being timely and relevant, so get to the point … quickly. We need to feed our readers with straight-to-the-point information before it is lost. The end-users feed will only display your message for so long before new and more relevant info gets pulled in. You only have so long for someone to react or interact before they forget, lose interest or do not see your message anymore. Even universities are not ignoring the fact that writing styles and communication patterns are evolving and the typical 1,000-word essay may be a day of the past.

Leave me your best 140-character tweet in the comments section below or on our Twitter page with @srcommando on why you think Twitter can improve the world.

Until next time, keep it short.


Stephen Command is an Account Manager for Make Me Social, a social media agency that develops customized social media strategies for businesses.


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