The Social Media Conundrum [kəˈnəndrəm]

…..why, because I strangely love that word!

According to the Dictionary, (and yes, you are probably asking yourself … Merriam-Webster? No need to specify. The Dictionary is the Dictionary!) a Conundrum can be defined as a difficult problem, question or even possibly a riddle. The stories, along with commentary and interpretation, of this blog series “The Social Media Conundrum” will examine some of those difficult problems or questions (and maybe even a riddle here or there) that people face when exploring or reviewing Social Media Marketing.

This series will not just investigate the problem and solution, but will try to come alive with some real accounts (hopefully not as bad as this):

Ok, so maybe that’s not really how it works, but how is Social Media different for my new Skinny Jeans company vs. my personal everyday use? And how will it help my business? How will I measure it? Who is the right person to develop strategy and execute Social Media?

Or maybe you are already part of the Social Media revolution and asking yourself, am I doing it right? What can I do to make it easier to manage?

I hope to address the many Conundrums stumbled upon while heading down the path of Social Media Marketing.


Stephen Command is an Account Manager for Make Me Social, a social media agency that develops customized social media strategies for businesses.


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