Just One Thing…: A Message from Our President

Years ago a friend described to me his perfect business: An ice cream stand in an amusement park selling vanilla ice cream….one scoop….for a dollar.

You want sprinkles? Can’t help.

Want an extra scoop? No problem, it just comes with an extra cone.

As consumer preferences and decision-making information becomes more real-time, the methods of attracting and closing  buyers –  whether they are consumers or business professionals – demands new and different marketing solutions, sometimes just to get the same result.

Doesn’t seem fair does it? Well, we think it is fair.

Consumers should have more control. Good or bad, a lack of consumer control has created bigger problems that we face together today – high unemployment, low available credit and compressed margins.

Make Me Social’s objectives are clear. From planning to launch (and beyond), we work with clients to further develop and strengthen their brand positioning and product positioning in order to drive awareness, loyalty and results – all at a reduced cost.

There might be a few other little details here and there to make that as simple as it sounds, but it certainly gives you a reason to get out of bed – we found our vanilla ice cream, one-scoop, one dollar. Give us a call if you’re hungry.

Josh Jordan is the president and founder of Make Me Social, a marketing agency that combines traditional and new strategies to enhance an organization’s online presence and importance. Having held leadership positions with several Fortune 500 firms in industries including marketing, advertising, technology and media, Josh has developed new tactics and processes for improving outreach, sharing information and demonstrating subject matter expertise. As a difference-maker in a constantly evolving industry, he has combined the components of his background to create a communications philosophy that can assist non-profit and for-profit clients develop campaigns that deliver measurable results.


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